From Wiseman to Deadhorse (Prudhoe Bay)

The Arctic Getaway is located near the halfway point between Fairbanks and the Arctic Ocean. The grandest Arctic scenery is ascribed to the region between Coldfoot and the Sagavanirktok River, about 140 miles to the North. Along this section, you pass over Alaska’s highest roadway summit, Atigun pass (4,800 feet) through the Brooks Range, 64 miles from Wiseman. You leave the boreal forest behind and enter the treeless regions of the high arctic. Watch for wolves, grizzly bears and dall sheep. The undulating hills of the Arctic become apparent as you leave the mountains. Great vistas of high arctic tundra are found all the way to Prudhoe Bay. Watch for Muskox along the road from Happy Valley to the Franklin Bluffs.

dalton highway map
Detail of the Dalton Highway Mile points

The drive to Deadhorse can be done in 6 - 7 hours. Some do it faster, depending on road conditions and sightseeing interests. Many do the roundtrip from Wiseman to Deadhorse and back to Wiseman in one day. But it is a long one indeed. Thanks for all that summer sun!


The sun does not set in Prudhoe Bay from May 20th to July 22nd!

Pipes in the Pruhoe Bay oil fields

Aerial of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Oil drill rig

Prudhoe bay oil field


What Our Guests Say

"We drove 4,753 miles to reach Wiseman, after meeting Berni and Uta it turned out to be one of the highlights of our adventure to Alaska"

-Rick Tiesso

Places to Stay

  • Arctic Oilfield Hotel
    Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
  • Aurora Hotel
  • Black Gold Oilfield Services Deadhorse Camp 855-855-8285
  • Brooks Camp Colville Inc. 888-659-3198
  • Deadhorse Camp
    907-474-3565 - (1-877-474-3565)
  • Prudhoe Bay Hotel
    P.O. Box 340004, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 99734
  • Stallion 907-223-0184

Prudhoe Bay Oil Field Tour

Access to the oilfields with your personal vehicle is not permitted. The only way to see this area is through a custom tour. A valid picture identification like a driver's license or passport is required to make a reservation for the Oil Field Tour, and must be presented at the time of the tour. Reservations and additional information can be acquired through the Deadhorse Camp: 907-474-3565 (1-877-474-3565)

2130003Dall sheep lambs in Atigun Pass

17b-29874Bull caribou on the tundra

95192-02Grizzly bear on the Dalton Highway

11-17861Trans Alaska oil pipeline