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Backpacking & Camping

There are some fantastic trips right in the Wiseman area, or you can venture further out where the opportunities are endless.

Get out and Explore!

kids camping

Not all camping and backpacking trips need to be hard-core. Kids enjoy getting out too.

The long summer daylight hours of Alaska’s Arctic offer ample opportunity to explore. The Brooks range wilderness with its vast valleys, pristine rivers, beautiful vistas, colorful tundra invites you to play outside.

Many camping and backpacking excursions are possible near Wiseman; they can be short one or two-night trips if you are a beginner or much longer excursions on the south or north side of the Brooks Range.

Either way, if you are up for a mellow journey or are a vigorous trekker, staging your trip from the Arctic Getaway on either end or both is a great option. There is nothing like a hot shower and hearty breakfast after being in the wild.

Public lands in the arctic

The National Parks in Alaska's Arctic are great places to hike and camp, with access from the Dalton Highway or flying in on a custom charter flight.

arrigetch peaks

Backpackers enjoy a campsite on the autumn tundra with a view of East and West Maiden and Camel peaks in the distance, Arrigetch Peaks, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska.

Access to some of Alaska’s public lands can be made right from the Dalton Highway, for example, the Gate of the Arctic National Park. However, many choose to fly in and either hike out to the road or get picked up at a specific location. Our friends at Coyote Air are your go-to source for remote wilderness fly-in drop-off and pick-up. They have an office at the Coldfoot Airport, just 17 miles from Wiseman. Sometimes, we can arrange a shuttle to and from.

Some of Alaska’s Public Lands to explore in the Arctic