Photography Tours

PHotography Tours

The Arctic Getaway is ideal for photography enthusiasts and guides who base their custom trips from Wiseman. Aurora photography can happen when you step out of our cabins, and stunning landscape surrounds the region nearby Wiseman.

Photographers take pictures of the aurora borealis in Alaska’s Brooks Range, Arctic, Alaska

Hugh Rose

Photographer, Naturalist, Guide

Take a guided photo tour with photographer and naturalist Hugh Rose. Hugh has guided all over Alaska and the world. If you seek excellent, knowledgeable guided service, contact him for a custom tour.

Caribou migrate through the Brooks Range mountains in Alaska’s Arctic.

Aurora, & Arctic Wildlife Photo Tour

If you are a photo enthusiast seeking to photograph the Arctic check out this trip with professional guide and photographer Hugh Rose. It includes polar bears, northern lights, Arctic wildlife, and landscapes. October Northern Lights and Arctic Wildlife Photo Tour

aurora photo tour

Aurora photo tour based out of the Arctic Getaway in Alaska’s Arctic.

Northern Lights Photo Tour

A guided photo tour focusing on the Aurora Borealis in the Brooks Range with professional guides and photographers. March Northern Lights Photo Tour