Paddling - Hiking - Rockhounding


There is fun for the family right in our backyard. Paddle on the Koyukuk, walk along the river beaches rockhounding, or take a gentle stroll.

Wiseman is situated along the Koyukuk River, making for easy access for a simple float down the river to Coldfoot, stroll along the rocky shores looking for rocks and wildlife, or take a longer hike. Unlike many places with extensive trail systems, here, one can find their own way, follow a game trail, and enjoy a place where motorized off-road transportation is prohibited, providing close encounters with undisturbed nature and quiet outdoor fun. We are happy to give some guidance for activities that you and your family can all enjoy. While the Brooks Range is rugged, not all the activities are over the top or out of your league!

Family backpacking

Packrafting for kids!

Day hiking