Wildlife Viewing

Opportunities for wildlife viewing can be found while hiking or driving along the Dalton Highway.  Moose, caribou, fox, lynx, wolf, muskox, Dall sheep, northern hawk owls, gyrfalcons, spruce grouse, and ptarmigan are a few of the species that live above the Arctic Circle.

Cow moose with spring calves in spring grasses along the Dalton Highway, Alaska.

Cow moose in the snowy boreal forest of spruce trees, Brooks Range, Alaska

Bull moose on the tundra by the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline, Arctic, Alaska.

Vehicle approaches as muskox cross the James Dalton Highway, Brooks Range, Arctic, Alaska.

Arctic fox in white winter coat rests in a snowdrift along a lake in Alaska’s Arctic North Slope.

Caribou in the boreal forest on finger mountain, Alaska

Male pine grosbeak in spring plumage perched on a balsam poplar tree branch.

Dall sheep rams in the snow along the Brooks Range mountains in Atigun canyon.

Arctic wolf on the snow-covered tundra in Alaska’s Arctic.

Portrait of red fox on the snow covered tundra of Alaska’s Arctic North Slope.