The Hicker Family

The Hicker Family 2014

Greetings from Wiseman, Alaska

We're your hosts, Berni and Uta Hicker, longtime residents of Wiseman. We enjoy raising our children, Julia and Leo, in this remote and beautiful region of Alaska, nestled among the foothills of the rugged Brooks Range mountains.

Our homestead, or do-it-yourself lifestyle includes hunting for meat, berry picking, gardening, woodcutting, home schooling, caring for our sled dogs and the many varied aspects involved in living a rural lifestyle. Each season brings it's own beauty and demands the corresponding chores to sustain life north of the Arctic Circle. We look forward to sharing our home and lifestyle with you.

What Our Guest Say

"Uta and Berni - Thank you for sharing your home and your life with us ... It was a wonderful glimpse of living on the edge of the wilderness"

-Diane and Al Becker

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